Thing to Consider When Selecting Hearing Aids

Thing to Consider When Selecting Hearing Aids

If you are in the market to buy your first hearing aids, or, if you are shopping for a replacement set then you need to be aware to choose the best provider and, of course, the best hearing aids to meet your hearing health. There are some important considerations you will want to think about before you begin your journey to better hearing health.

Schedule an Appointment with Audiology Central

The first step is to make an appointment with us at Audiology Central. While you can just “drop-in,” it is best to call to make an appointment with us. This will assure that we will have the needed time to spend with you. It is said that the value you get from your hearing aids will depend on the abilities and skills of your provider. Therefore, you need to find one you trust – and you can trust us at Audiology Central!

Take Notes on Your Daily Activities

Hearing loss affects every part of your life, so before your appointment, take a moment to determine the environments in which you struggle to hear. Also, think about the different interests and hobbies in which you partake. These factors are important when the time comes to choose your hearing aids. 

Interview & Hearing Test

The next step is to pinpoint your priorities and what you need for your hearing health. We will ask you questions about your lifestyle and hearing needs. We will want to know, for example, if you are an active person or if you are a homebody. Knowing your lifestyle helps us determine the style and technology to best meet your needs.

We will also give you a hearing test. This will be conducted in a soundproof room, or booth. The results will help us determine the type of hearing loss you have. This results in choosing the appropriate hearing aid to meet your needs. 

Finding the Right Fit

If a hearing loss is detected, we’ll narrow down the best hearing aids to meet your needs, and you’ll have the opportunity to try them out. Take note of how the hearing aids physically fit, and also how the functions help you access sounds in your environment. Before you leave, we will make certain your new hearing aids are “fitted” to the specificities of your hearing abilities. Not only do they need to comfortably fit your ear, they also need be properly programmed to the correct levels.

We will also give you an overview of different hearing aid features. These might include directional microphones or telecoils. Think about the different listening environments you experience throughout the day and determine if these accessories can give you additional support. The decision is yours!

Other Things to Consider

When you purchase your hearing aids, we will give you a copy of the contract. This contract needs to give a summary of what you have purchased. This includes the make and model, the price, the trial period, and nonrefundable fees if there are any. Most importantly, it will include a warranty. Many manufacturers offer a 30 or 60 day “trial period.” Your aids may also allow several follow up visits.

Another important step in your hearing loss treatment is to remember that hearing aids take time. Simply putting on your hearing aid is not the final step. It’s important to understand that you do not hear with your ear; you hear with your brain. Just because you put on your new hearing aid does not mean your brain understands what it is to do with the sound. It takes time for your brain to adapt to clear sound again! Our team at Audiology Central is here to help you with this process.

Audiology Central

If you’ve noticed changes in your hearing due and are struggling with communication, contact us today. We provide comprehensive hearing health services and we’re here to help! We will pair you with advanced hearing technology, which will bring transformative benefits. Contact us to learn more!