The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

The benefits of treating hearing loss are far too many to list! Let’s take a look at a few of the major benefits of getting treatment for hearing loss, including hearing aids. By restoring your ability to hear, you will experience an immediate boost in your mood and enjoyment of things you used to love, such as music, live theater, or even a walk in the woods. However, there are many other benefits that should not be ignored.

Improved Cognition

It might come as a surprise, but getting treatment for hearing loss can help you improve your cognition, as well. Research has established a link between dementia and hearing loss, and many suspect that it might have to do with the process of communication. Those with hearing loss struggle to make sense of the world around them, particularly in face-to-face conversation. With the assistance of hearing aids, those conversations become easy to understand once again. The statistical relationships between hearing loss and increased rates of dementia simply disappears among those who use hearing aids to treat their hearing loss.

Increased Earnings

Hearing aids are remarkably helpful in the workplace, bringing efficiency into situations that were once difficult tasks. Reports show that the use of hearing aids and assistive technology can increase earnings by as much as $30,000. Looking from the other direction, hearing aids can reduce the risk of losing earnings among 90 percent of those with mild hearing loss and 77 percent of those with moderate to serious hearing loss.

Social Connection

One of the most commonly reported problems with hearing loss is the loss of social connections. When face-to-face conversations become difficult, many people with hearing loss tend to shy away from social events. Rather than struggling through a party or loud dinner, they would rather avoid the stress of trying to decipher what others are saying. Not only in general social contexts, but in the most intimate and close personal relationships, hearing loss can get in the way of feeling connected. Without the ability to easily converse, people can begin to feel isolated and alone. Hearing aids are remarkably effective at restoring the ability to carry on conversations, and those conversations are the building blocks of our social lives. With hearing aids used frequently and effectively, social relationships are restored, and new friendships and connections can come about, as well.

Reduce Tinnitus

Fifty million Americans experience tinnitus, which is a ringing, whistling, singing, buzzing, whirring, or crackling noise that seems to come from nowhere. Not only is tinnitus frustrating and annoying, it can lead to stress and get in the way of other communication. The latest hearing aids are not only used to raise the volume on the world but they are also used to eliminate or reduce the effect of tinnitus. With both functions working in tandem, users are able to turn down the sounds that frustrate them, while turning up the useful sounds that help them enjoy life and communicate with others.

Rediscovering Activities

Some people tend to forsake their favorite activities when hearing loss gets in the way. These activities can be as simple as listening to music at home or as necessary as driving on the highway. Hearing loss can bring fear and insecurity into situations that used to be enjoyable, making hearing aids remarkably beneficial for restoring the joy of those favorite activities. Those who wear hearing aids tend to feel a regained sense of freedom and autonomy, while also feeling that they can experience the simple joys of life—listening to the birds chirp while drinking coffee, playing fun music while driving, and hearing your grandchildren giggling in the other room.

Audiology Central

With these many benefits awaiting you, why delay to seek out treatment for your hearing loss? The first step is to schedule a hearing exam and to have a consultation with us at Audiology Central about the features that are important to you in hearing aids. Once you have taken this first step, you can begin to reap the many rewards of assisted hearing, restoring a vivacity to life that you might have thought was gone for good. Why wait to take advantage of these benefits?