Auditory Brainstem Response Evaluations (ABR)

What is an ABR?

Auditory Brainstem Response Testing, also known as ABR Test, is a method of measuring how well
the auditory system functions. The test requires no participation from the patient, allowing the
test to be completed on patients as young as 2 weeks old. To complete the ABR, the audiologist
places earbuds in the patient’s ears and small stickers called electrodes on the forehead and
behind the ears. The audiologist then measures the patient’s brain activity in response to
low-level clicking sounds played through the earbuds. Schedule your auditory brainstem response with us in Brooklyn, NY.

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When do we perform an ABR?

How do I prepare for an ABR test?

Depending on what type of ABR test is being performed, the test can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If the ABR is being performed on an infant, the infant must sleep during the test. It is best to bring the infant to the appointment sleepy but not yet asleep. The audiologist will prepare the infant for testing by placing the stickers and earbuds then allow the parent/caregiver time to put the infant to sleep. Once the infant is asleep, the test can begin. If the ABR is being performed on an older child or an adult, the patient only needs to sit quietly on a comfortable chair and close their eyes while the audiologist performs the test.
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After the Test

Once the test is completed, the audiologist will remove the electrodes and earphones from the patient. The results will then be explained to you and the audiologist will discuss any additional testing or treatment if necessary
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