Hearing Aid Repair

Generally, depending on the form and design, a hearing aid can last three to seven years. This does not mean that you will not face any problems with your hearing aid before that time. Occasionally, a hearing aid can fail or have minor performance problems for several reasons, such as exposure to excess ear wax, moisture, or heat.

Tips for Hearing Aid Maintenance

The good news is that you can avoid unexpected damage by conducting routine maintenance on your hearing aids. These steps range from storage to cleaning and require just a few minutes regularly to keep your device in full working order, and may even prolong your device's life for several years.

Here are some things you can do daily, weekly, and monthly to keep your hearing aid in optimal shape.

Box With Hearing Aid and Accessories
Moisture is the enemy of all hearing devices. Be sure to keep all sorts of liquids away from your device, like hairspray, aftershave, or even shower steam. Turn off your hearing aid before going to sleep to save your battery life. Store your hearing aid in a cool dark place. Remove the hearing aid batteries before storing your unit if you don't intend to use your hearing aid for a couple of days.

Troubleshooting Hearing Aid Issues

  • If your hearing aid has no sound, make sure the battery compartment has a working battery and is located correctly. Replacing it with a new battery can restore your hearing aid if there is corrosion evidence on the battery.
  • If your hearing aid is too quiet, there might be a blockage in the tubing of your hearing aid. Take them apart and clean them. It might also be a technical problem, in which case, call us for repairs. Another option may be that your hearing needs may have changed.
  • If the sound keeps cutting out, try to replace your hearing aid batteries and turn your hearing aids on again.
  • If you hear feedback or whistling, ensure that they fit snugly by taking your hearing aids out and re-inserting them.

Contact us for repairs if you have tried the solutions above without success. We are your local hearing care specialist for the effective and speedy repair of your hearing aids.

Putting Battery Into Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Repairs

If the hearing aids are already under warranty, there will be nominal or no repair costs. If the warranty has expired, we will need to determine the extent of the damage before providing you with an estimate. A variety of factors influence the cost of getting your hearing aids fixed.

  • Whether you are under warranty for your hearing aids
  • The extent of the damage.
  • Cost of replacement parts
  • Cost of labor

In some situations, you may be better off investing in a new pair of hearing aids, depending on the repair cost. Consider an update if your existing devices are more than five years old. Technical developments mean that today's digital devices are much more advanced and loaded with features than those a few years older.

Similarly, if the damage is extensive or your hearing aids have already been fixed in the past, it might not be worth repairing the device.

We're happy to help you decide whether you need to repair or replace your hearing aids and help get you back to connecting with your loved ones.

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