Identifying the Signs of Hearing Loss

Identifying the Signs of Hearing Loss

For some people, the realization that they have developed hearing loss comes as an undeniable truth. These people might find that certain sounds are inaudible or that conversations are impossible to make out any longer. Yet, some other people may have symptoms of hearing loss that are subtler, making them wonder if they do indeed have hearing loss. Let’s take a look at some of the identifying signs of hearing loss, as well as the reasons that you should seek out treatment as soon as these symptoms present themselves. The sooner you catch hearing loss, the better able you will be to adapt to a new listening environment.

Signs of Possible Hearing Loss

Each experience of hearing loss is different, but there are some commonalities between individuals that can help you catch hearing loss as soon as possible. Most people tend to lose hearing in the top frequency range before the lower sounds, so pay close attention to whether or not you can detect high-pitched sounds.

Many people with hearing loss report that they suddenly realized an inability to hear the sounds of bugs, birds, or the rush of wind through the trees. Another common context for detecting hearing loss is the face-to-face conversation. Where once it might have been easy to bounce back and forth, those with hearing loss might struggle to make sense of what another person is saying, with words becoming generally unclear or gaps in sound.

The sound of children’s voices or high, quiet adult voices can be the most difficult for many people. Sometimes the signs of hearing loss can be better reported by the people you love rather than from your own experience.

If your family, friends, and loved ones tell you that the television is too loud in your house, that you ask them to repeat themselves over and over, or that you seem to have checked out on conversations, you might be experiencing hearing loss even in ways you don’t detect on your own.

The Benefits of Early Intervention

Detecting hearing loss as soon as possible is important for a number of reasons, some that may be more urgent than you might have thought. If you are able to intervene in the process of hearing loss as early as possible, the use of hearing aids can bring back the full range of sound once again.

You might be surprised how much hearing you had already lost when you first use assistance. Enjoying music, live theater, and other cultural events has an intrinsic value. Yet, social events can provide emotional benefits in ways you did not expect. Being able to fully participate in conversations, even when they take place in noisy restaurants, busy parties, or places with lots of other noise going on at the same time, can bring back connections with friends and loved ones, reviving the ease of conversation that you once experienced.

Those with hearing loss can develop a feeling of isolation without realizing why. Simply lacking the ability to hear easily can feel the same as distance, strain, and disconnection in your relationships. Early detection of hearing loss can preserve the ability to relate with your loved ones, in turn preventing the anxiety, depression, and frustration that some people experience with hearing loss. There have even been studies linking hearing loss to the rates of dementia. Early detection of hearing loss, along with proper treatment in the form of hearing aids, can eliminate the link with cognitive disorders, including dementia.

Audiology Central

The best way to know if you have hearing loss is to seek out a professional hearing exam. At Audiology Central, our team will be able to precisely diagnose the type of hearing loss you have and to use that information in recommending a course of action, in most cases including hearing aids to assist the hearing you still have.

You will be able to consult with our team regarding the features of your lifestyle that make hearing difficult, such as social events or public places in your everyday life. This information will complete the picture of your hearing ability, making it possible to devise the right solutions. Why not make your appointment today rather than continuing to wonder?