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Pediatric Hearing Services


THEY are why we are here.

Audiology Central provides comprehensive hearing healthcare services to patients of all ages, including infants.

We provide a full range of pediatric hearing services and offer an inviting waiting area designed for kids. Our office staff is specifically trained to work with children, because they deserve the best!

Pediatric Audiology Services

At Audiology Central, we focus on the early identification of hearing loss in children. We provide treatment options to optimize their speech and hearing development. We’re proud to have a staff with strong experience in working specifically with kids. Our team includes specially trained pediatric audiologists. We gather the necessary information about your child’s hearing, using the latest technologies and techniques to properly diagnose and treat their specific hearing disorder.

Early Detection and Intervention

Hearing loss can cause delays in the development of communication skills, both in understanding and using language. Early intervention is the key to maximizing every child’s potential for oral communication. We offer hearing tests for children of all ages:

Behavioral Audiometry: Behavioral hearing evaluations are used with children 6 months or older, who have the ability to respond to sounds by turning their heads, playing a game or raising their hand.

Electrophysiologic Tests: These tests are used when a child is younger than 6 months of age, cannot perform a behavioral test, or when we need to double check your child’s behavioral responses against a more objective test.

Treatment for Children with Hearing Loss

We team up with you and your child’s physician to formulate a plan that may include medical referrals, hearing aids, assistive devices, a cochlear implant, or speech and language training. We will design a program of treatment and rehabilitation to preserve your child’s speech and hearing development.

Parent Education: We work to support the parents of children with hearing loss by offering them additional information.
Cochlear Implant PRE-hab: We work to establish listening and language skills prior to cochlear implantation.

It’s all about them.

We team up with you & your child’s physician to design a hearing plan to enhance their speech and hearing development.

We serve patients of all ages and with varying needs. Our staff speaks and understands English, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, French and Yiddish.