Hearing Device Manufacturers


Part of the Swiss-based Sonova group, Phonak has been providing relief from hearing loss for over 70 years. You can find their products in over 100 countries globally. Their motto is to provide “hearing solutions that change people’s lives and help them to thrive socially and emotionally.” This philosophy is evident in their latest product, the Audeo Marvel. Fully rechargeable, it is one of the few hearing aids on the market which is able to connect to any smartphone or other electronic device directly.

Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Conversations shine with Lumity

Being able to fully participate in conversations is like a spark of light in the dark. When you can hear and understand conversations around you, it can illuminate your whole world. This is where Phonak Audéo Lumity™ really shines. It focuses on giving you improved speech understanding with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology1 Now you can enjoy conversations even in challenging listening situation.

Phonak Virto™ Paradise-Titanium

The latest generation of super discreet custom hearing aids made from titanium

Designed to fit specifically to your ear, Virto Paradise Titanium is the 3rd generation of the world’s first hearing aid made from titanium. Titanium is 15 times stronger than acrylic which allows shells to be built 50% thinner.

So discreet, others will barely notice it.


The new Marvel platform expresses our boundless commitment to improve hearing without limitations. Offering excellent hearing performance, speech understanding and sound quality – regardless of the listening environment. What sets the Marvel platform in a league of its own is not just the individual features alone, but the combination of all. They feature all of Phonak’s cutting edge technologies integrated into one cohesive system, working harmoniously together. The latest generation of super discreet custom hearing aids made from titanium.

Benefits of Lyric

100% Invisible - Placed in your ear canal, Lyric remains completely out of sight - invisible to the world.

Clear, natural sound - Lyric uses the natural anatomy of your ear to localize sound and delivers a full, natural listening experience.

24/7 hearing - Wear Lyric around the clock for months at a time without taking it out* through daily activities such as exercising or even showering.

A natural listening experience: While traditional hearing aids capture and process sound outside of the ear, Lyric uses the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify and give you a full, natural listening experience.
Because Lyric is placed in the ear canal near the eardrum by a trained professional, it is a 100% invisible hearing aid.

Micro-engineering at its best: Lyric is a very small, discreet hearing aid. Its miniature size combined with its exceptional build quality, allows it to withstand the challenging conditions within the ear canal. Originating in Silicon Valley, Lyric incorporates Swiss precision engineering to create a work of technological art.


Oticon is one of the pioneers of hearing solutions, founded in 1904. Backed by a rich heritage, they are considered one of the largest companies in the industry – but they are far from complacent! Driving the company is the motto ‘People first’, and the company brings this consideration into every piece of research, every hearing aid model, and every feature that they unveil. Oticon is justly proud of their latest model, the OPN S. This cutting-edge model enables hearing aid users to understand speech in noisy environments as if they had normal hearing.

Oticon Real™

Stay sharp in the real world

Laughter, a crowd cheering, or even a conversation with a friend or loved one helps to shape our lives, adding richness and texture to all our experiences. When hearing works like it should, your brain gets the rich input it needs to understand the sounds around you. But when your brain lacks access to the real sounds of life due to a hearing problem, it’s forced to work harder to fill in the gaps, which can be tiring. In addition, you could miss out on something special.

Now you can get back the real sounds of life — precise and balanced — with Oticon Real, delivering:

  • Technology that supports how the brain naturally processes sounds

  • Better access to the full sound scene

  • Increased awareness, engagement, and focus in the real world


Widex is a hearing aid manufacturer with an established reputation for innovation and quality. They created the first ever digital in-the-ear hearing aid and have been known for their cutting-edge hardware ever since. Those looking for a discreet option should consider their model, the Lyric. It is the only hearing aid that is completely invisible to others. You can enjoy better hearing without people knowing you are wearing a hearing aid.

WIDEX MOMENT - Delivers the most pure, natural sound ever.

Even a great hearing aid has always sounded like a hearing aid – until now. The revolutionary WIDEX MOMENT changes the game to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound. But now you can hear every moment - like you used to.

Users prefer the real life sound of Widex MOMENT. Widex surveyed 101 users who tried out MOMENT across situations in their daily lives and 91% agreed that the sound was more satisfactory and lifelike when compared to their existing hearing aids. Are you tired of hearing aid ‘revolutions’ that no one can hear? We are. That’s why WIDEX MOMENT makes a real difference to your hearing in real life. Tests show that a large majority of both new and experienced users prefer the Widex PureSound™ program in WIDEX MOMENT™ across different sound scenarios.

Moment Hearing Aid Lineup

Rechargeability: Convenience is discreet with WIDEX MOMENT. Although the mRIC model is the market’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have all the power you need to hear every moment. No struggling with hearing aid batteries. Just a slim, simple charger that fits your life.

Built to Last: WIDEX MOMENT is designed to reduce the risk of moisture damage. Because less corrosion means more durability. You’ll welcome advanced water-resistant nano coating, durable microphones and smart engineering. When there’s no battery door, there are also fewer gaps for moisture to sneak into.

WIDEX MOMENT is available in three Behind-the-ear models and three In-the-ear models. Your hearing care professional can help you choose the ideal model for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.


Styletto X

A new era of wearability. Styletto X is the ideal hearing aid for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on their active lifestyle just because of hearing loss. The world’s first SLIM-RIC combines brilliant, award-winning design and portable rechargeability with exchangeable receivers, the clear sound and speech understanding of our revolutionary Signia Xperience platform, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Styletto X is a game-changer for your practice. Its refined slim-line styling is preferred by 8 out of 10 people compared to conventional hearing aids. This eye-catching quality enables you to attract new and existing hearing aid wearers.

Key Features:

  • Uniquely stylish, award-winning design
  • Signia Xperience technology with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors for clear speech comprehension even in noisy environments
  • Tinnitus options
  • Remote control
  • Connectivity and high quality audio streaming

Signia Xperience
Hear what matters to you. The revolutionary Signia Xperience platform with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors gives state-of-the-art hearing aids like Styletto X a new sense to understand what their wearer really needs to hear.

Silk X

Signia XPerience Platform: Crystal-clear sound in every situation. Whether you’re in a crowded street, working in an open-plan office, or dining in a busy restaurant, wherever there’s a high level of ambient noise, holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Silk X tackles these challenges expertly with the true-to-life sound of Signia Xperience. So you hear what matters to you. All day long, in every situation.

One of the world’s smallest hearing aids, Silk gives you the confidence of knowing that no one even notices you’re wearing them. All models sit discreetly inside your ear. The only ready-to-wear CIC available on the Signia Xperience platform delivers clear speech understanding in an ultra-discreet size with instant fit. Thanks to its flexible silicone Click Sleeves, Silk X sits securely in the ear for a brilliant fit on the spot.

Tailor-made without the wait:
Silk X is fitted with highly adaptable soft-silicone Click Sleeves that simply click onto the hearing aids to ensure a level of comfort and secure fit in your ear previously only available with custom-built housings. The sleeves come in 4 different sizes suitable for most ear anatomies and hearing needs so there is no wait as with other in-the-ear devices.

Perfectly positioned for phone calls and music:
Unlike hearing aids that sit behind the ear, Silk X’s microphones pick up sound inside the ear canal. This enables you to make phone call and listen to music in the way you are used to, including with over-ear headphones. Silk X hearing aids are the ultimate nearly invisible ready-to-wear hearing solution to keep your hearing loss hidden.

Personal support at your fingertips:
Thanks to Signia‘s TeleCare remote support, you can get direct help from your hearing care professional via the Signia app on your smartphone. Wherever you are. You can control the volume and other settings discreetly via the Signia app or the miniPocket on your key ring.

Active Pro

Upgrade to the future with Signia Active Pro. Bridging the gap between hearing aids and consumer electronics.
Ready to wear, Signia Active X combines iconic user-friendly design similar to premium consumer earbuds with audiological high-tech. This includes Signia Xperience YourSound technology for enhanced speech understanding in noise, Bluetooth connectivity, portable Li-ion rechargeability, and the self-service convenience of the Signia Assistant.

Leading audiological performance
Our latest hearing innovations offer leading audiological performance in iconic form factors. They combine our proven Signia Xperience YourSound technology built on revolutionary acoustic-motion sensors with Li-ion rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity so your clients always hear what matters, with ease.


ReSound ONE

Hear like no other. Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. Now you can experience truly individualized, natural, and more complete sound with an extra microphone placed in your ear canal.  We call it M&RIE. It uses your own ears to deliver sound. Designed to meet your individual needs.

  • Greater hearing in any environment: All Access Directionality ensures you’re in the best position to hear what’s important.
  • Focus in on speech in front of you: Activate Ultra Focus for a great one-to-one hearing experience in the toughest environments.
  • Hear the world with your own ears: The M&RIE design uses your unique ear shape to deliver our most natural sound.
  • Remote hearing care from your home: Get help from your hearing care professional via ReSound Assist Live video calls.
  • ReSound's most natural sound quality: Get the truest sense of space and easily locate sounds with M&RIE, a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design. Our one-of-a-kind hearing aid enriches your daily sound environments with more direction and depth.

Starkey Genesis AI

Genesis AI marks a new beginning for the hearing industry.

Completely reimagined from the inside out, it's the only hearing technology system to feature an all-new processor, all-new sound, all-new design, all-new fitting software and an all-new patient experience.

Starkey Genesis AI line up
Changing lives since 1964, Unitron is one of the few companies to actively seek and maintain strong relationships with healthcare professionals and work with research institutions in the US and Canada. Founded and based in Canada, their products are known for their high quality and ease of use. Those who are looking for a versatile hearing aid should check out their Moxi All R. At the time of release, it was the first rechargeable hearing aid that connected directly to any smartphone with a Bluetooth capability.


Direct connectivity is one of the flagship features of many of our hearing aid manufacturers. They differ from previous smartphone connected hearing aids as there is no need for an intermediary streamer to connect the two devices. It’s never been easier to take calls, listen to music, or stream a movie directly from your phone to your hearing aid.  

Hearing Aid Connecting to TVMADE FOR IPHONE

Many of our featured manufacturer’s products are designed specifically to connect to the Apple iPhone. They usually come with a ‘Made for iPhone’ logo when being advertised.  The following models and series have a direct connection to the iPhone:

  • Oticon: Opn, Siya
  • Phonak: Audeo Marvel, Audeo B-Direct
  • Unitron: Moxi All
  • Widex: Evoke Fusion, Beyond

These models work with the iPhone 5 and upwards, including recent iPads. Note that most of these models will only work with the iPhone, though some offer Android compatibility. For direct connectivity to all smartphones, consider models like the Audeo B-Direct by Phonak or the Moxi All by Unitron. No iPhone? No problem! Many cell phones are compatible with the newest hearing aid technology, call us to find out.

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Our audiologists specialize in disorders of the ear and hearing system. We have spent years training to take care of people experiencing ear disease and hearing loss. Click below to contact us to schedule your hearing exam.
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Start your journey to better hearing today!

Our audiologists specialize in disorders of the ear and hearing system. We have spent years training to take care of people experiencing ear disease and hearing loss. Click below to contact us to schedule your hearing exam.
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