Newest Developments in Hearing Technology

Signia Silk

The new Silk Nx delivers a natural hearing experience with discreet size, instant fit, and exceptional sound quality.

Silk Nx is compatible with the touchControl™ App for discreet remote control and TeleCare™ ready.

Oticon OPN 1

OPN 1, Oticon’s latest release, was greeted with overwhelming praise from users and those who fit the hearing aid, for good reason!

  • ‘Open sound experience’, allowing you to hear from all directions in challenging environments.
  • Made For iPhone, allowing seamless connection to your Apple device without the need for a streamer so you can make phone calls and listen to music without any intermediate streaming device.
  • Easily connects to the internet and Bluetooth.
  • Water resistant to 1m.

Oticon OPN S

Are you ready to understand speech at a level equal to normal hearing? This model delivers even further improvements in speech understanding and listening effort.

Compared to previous models, the OPN S delivers:

  • 15% improved speech understanding.
  • 10% reduced listening effort.
  • 10% increased memory recall.
  • Increased processing power performance.
  • Better feedback cancelling.

Phonak Marvel

One of the most celebrated hearing manufacturers introduces Marvel - a series that boasts some of the most advanced technological features around.

  • The Autosense OS™ 3.0 technology, developed with artificial intelligence, creates clear, rich sound in any environment, enabling high-level speech understanding and making it easier to listen in noise.
  • Works with any phone. You have the ability to play content easily from your iPhone, Android smartphone or any other Bluetooth device to both ears in stereo quality.
  • You have the option to bundle with Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries for a full day of hearing and streaming with only one charge.
  • There is the option to access remote real-time support for your device via a smartphone app.
  • Never miss a word again with real-time voice-to-text transcription of all your phone calls.

Phonak Lyric

The Lyric is a 100% invisible hearing aid which is placed in your ear canal and is completely invisible to all. Described by some as the ‘the contact lens for your ear’, the Lyric is completely changing the way we use hearing aids.

  • It is placed directly in your ear canal by an audiologist and stays there for a period of three to four months. You don’t take it out at any point during that time. Experience the freedom of great hearing while sleeping, showering, and going to the gym. 
  • Adaptive signal and compression processing provide clear and crisp sound in a variety of listening situations.
  • As a result of Lyric’s placement in the inner ear, users experience better sound quality which is much more natural than users expected.
  • 94% of the Lyric users would recommend Lyric to their friends and loved ones.

The Phonak Lyric can only be fitted by manufacturer trained audiologist at an approved center, and at Audiology Central, we are proud to be one of the few who are equipped to do this!

Phonak Titanium

The hyper discreet Virto B-Titanium is one of the most discreet hearing aids ever made by Phonak, With Virto B-Titanium, Phonak leverages the wonders of titanium with the latest 3D printing technology. 

  • An all-new custom hearing aid that boasts a 3D printed titanium body. 
  • Virto B-Titanium is custom-made to fit perfectly in your ear, and nobody else’s.
  • Made from medical grade titanium which makes it extremely strong, light and durable.
  • The Autosense OS observes your sound environment every 0.4 seconds and can tell if you are in a car, concert hall or at home. It then changes your hearing settings to perfectly match the environment you are in. 
  • Equipped with IP68 rating for resistance to both water and dust.
Award winning quality, receiving:
  1. A CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree in the 3D Printing category.
  2. Top honors for product design with a prestigious Red Dot Award.
  3. An international Gold Stevie® Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year in the Health & Pharmaceutical industry.

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