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Hearing Aids and Accessories

Hearing Aids

Audiology Central hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes. We work to find the best solution for your individual needs.

CIC Stride Beige

Invisible Products

Custom, discreet solutions personalized for your unique ear. These instruments fit deep into your ear canal providing an exceptional cosmetic solution and are truly meant to be a “fit and forget” solution. Hearing instruments are made of hypo allergenic material and designed for mild to moderate hearing losses.

IIC Stride Beige


Custom solution personalized for your unique ear and made of hypo allergenic material that blends with your natural skin tone. Wonderful solution for dexterity, binaural phone solutions and wind noise management. Fits a wide variety of hearing losses from mild to severe.

RIC Slimtube


Small, discreet and quick to fit. This model consists of three parts: the housing which sits behind the ear, a thin wire connecting the housing to the receiver and the custom mold or dome which goes directly into the ear. These instruments sit comfortably on the ear and are fully automatic with robust functionality. Fits a wide variety of hearing losses from mild to severe.


A variety of hearing aid accessories can help you hear even better. Our hands-free accessory options wirelessly connect you to sound sources like mobile phones, TVs, MP3 players and more. Some can receive an audio signal from virtually any Bluetooth®-enabled device and transmit it wirelessly to your hearing aids.

Smart Control Remote Control

Remote Control

With several options to choose from, a remote is perfect for those who want discreet, straightforward control over the essential features on their hearing instruments.



A streamer allows the user to talk hands free on a cellphone and connect wirelessly to tablets, TVs and FM receivers—most models can also be used as a remote control.

UTV3 Stream UDirect3

TV Solutions

These solutions wirelessly send audio from the television directly to both hearing aids, giving the user control over the volume.

Personal Microphones

These discreet systems help the user hear companions easily in very challenging listening environments.

After selecting your hearing aid, our specialists will fit and teach you about your hearing aid. You will know how it works, how to program it, daily cleaning and use, how to manage the batteries and use with a telephone.