Start Your Path To Better Hearing

About Our Hearing Center

Your first step toward better hearing.

Millions of people suffer from hearing loss, our goal is to help you hear better immediately. When you visit our hearing aid center, we’ll provide a hearing evaluation and determine your level of hearing loss. Our professional audiologists are courteous, knowledgeable and the best at what they do. We carry all major hearing aid brands, ensuring you’ll get the hearing aid the best fits your level of hearing loss and lifestyle.

Complete Care

There are so many options when it comes to taking care of hearing loss, so its important to have customized coordinated care. As experts in the field of hearing science and hearing restoration, the professionals at Audiology Central are the providers that you can trust with your hearing needs.

Board Certified

Our Audiologists are all licensed in the field of audiology and experts in the assessment and management of hearing loss. Our audiologists specialize in disorders of the ear and hearing system. We have spent years training to take care people experiencing ear disease and hearing loss. In addition, Audiology Central is proud to continue our history or mentoring audiology doctoral students. We support their learning with hands-on, closely supervised patient care.

Custom Treatment

Treatment plans are made based on your specific needs—these plans are customized for the problems you are experiencing. Solutions even for the most difficult hearing loss can be found at Audiology Central of Brooklyn, New York.


Our down-to-earth company culture is enjoyed by both our patients and staff. Built upon trust, Audiology Central embraces the ever-changing world of hearing aid technology. This allows us to take ownership of your customized hearing plan to address your personal needs.

Our team takes pride in the community that we service. Our office is designed to be clean and welcoming to everyone who steps through the door. We believe it is essential to work with you in a healthy environment. At Audiology Central, our goal is to provide our patients with comprehensive hearing health care in collaboration with your primary care or specialist physician in a comfortable and friendly office setting.

We serve patients of all ages and with varying needs. Our staff speaks and understands English, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, French and Yiddish.